WITSEC MAFIA is a docu-series that I am producing with John A. Gotti exposing the corruption of the Witness Protection Program. From WitsecMafia.com:

THE WITSEC MAFIA is a confederacy of criminals turned government witnesses who have committed heinous crimes, often murder, that after selling out their cohorts are being released from prison and presented to the public as “changed men,” while at the same time? They’re being supported by corrupt journalists, lawyers and other enablers including rogue federal agents as they game the witness protection program and commit new crimes against innocent civilians, in many cases with other career criminals turned government informants who they’ve reunited with, all under the watchful eyes and protection of the federal government.

It is also a Book being written by John A. Gotti and a Docu-Series exposing this corruption being produced by Gotti and Chris Kasparoza.

But, not just about the former members and associates of Italian organized crime who were released back into society as “changed men” only to commit new crimes together. Witsec Mafia is investigating over a dozen cases from “former” Mexican mobsters to “former” white supremacists.

Check out these previews:


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