THE CHAPTER is an original television series coming soon about a wild Latino fraternity… about The Chapter among Chapters in the Latino fraternity among Latino fraternities.

So, just think: Animal House meets Entourage.

And then: Throw in some rice, beans, and a haunted Latino frat house to go along with it.

Inspired by a Real Latino Fraternity ChapterThe Chapter follows a rough and tumble group of guys, more like a Family living a new version of The American Dream under one epic roof at a Division-1 school in Upstate New York. It’s a story about a wild, rebellious bunch of kids mostly from New York City becoming great, legendary men through an epic series of ups and downs that people are going to root for and wish they were a part of. But, not just because college is that last, magical time before entering the real world. And not just because when you’re away from home, your friends become your family. It’s because while when you’re a rich kid from the suburbs Hollywood might be your dream, when you’re a Latino from the projects, the barrio, or anyone crossing the border? College, is everything, and The Chapter follows a Family full of Brothers, most of whom never even lived in a house before and are the first in their families to even attend college living out the wildest dreams of their ancestors in the frat house among frat houses as they make their college experience: The Best Chapter of Their Lives.

For now, however, read about The Real Chapter that inspired this and check out the short story prequel on Amazon: