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A Conversation with Richard Stratton: Living Legend, Renaissance Man, and former major marijuana/hashish trafficker turned federal prison inmate/jailhouse lawyer turned award-winning author, producer, publisher, screenwriter and director (of the new A&E docu-series, Gotti: Godfather and Son).

We touch on his meeting Gotti in prison in the 80s, chilling with Hunter S. Thompson in the 70s, Stratton’s glory days smuggling weed and hash with the Hippie Mafia. Founding the magazines High Times and Prison Life. His thoughts on Donald Trump, rats and snitches, the Witsec program, and the federal prison experience in general, including when he had a great time playing tennis there while dropping acid. Seriously. 🙂

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While an NYU student in 2009, documentary teacher/filmmaker Thom Powers assigned his students to interview a documentary filmmaker… so, naturally, I chose my favorite documentary director, the legendary Marc Levin. Our conversation touched on his then recent film Mr. Untouchable about Harlem heroin czar turned snitch Leroy “Nicky” Barnes, as well as his earlier film Mob Stories and some of the characters in it like deceased Lucchese soldier “Fat Jackie” DiNorscio, former Gambino associate turned preacher “Brother Frank” Minucci and Gambino associate turned fink Joe “Dogs” Iannuzzi. I also asked Levin about his thoughts on the then recent mistrial in the federal racketeering case against John Gotti Jr.

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