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From JohnAliteFacts.com:

Chris Kasparoza talks to Marcos Pinto, John Alite’s cellmate at Ary Franco Prison in Brazil who Alite and George Anastasia wrote total lies about in “Gotti’s Rules,” and who John Alite further slandered on social media when he realized this website was in touch with Marcos and he was coming forward to help expose their fraud and speak the truth.

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Combined segments from three recent Frank Morano shows on 970 AM in New York discussing delusional pathological liar mob rat John Alite, Curtis Sliwa, some fire at a Serbian Church and interviews with ex-Gambino John A. Gotti and myself, Chris Kasparoza.

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After sitting beside him at a wedding last night the Great Frank Morano mentioned on his radio show how I and the Beautiful Angel Gotti, daughter of the Legendary Dapper Don John Gotti schooled him on proper Twitter etiquette.

Apparently we didn’t school him well enough though because he didn’t mention our Twitter handles on the air.

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