President Obama Strikes Back

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Today President Obama released his first statement since leaving office. But other than that, the President is resting. Regrouping.

Because if you really think he’s going away, or that Donald Trump — I refuse to refer to him as “President,” because he’s not worthy of that title — if you really think the Donald “won,” that he’s going to destroy all things Obama?

You’ve got another thing coming. Read More …

Yes We Marched.

Published at: regarding The Women’s March on Washington:

Yes We Marched.

But not all for the same reasons. So before you message me — or anyone — saying that we were wasting our time, that we’re crying or whining or dividing the country — or whatever message you write revealing your hypocrisy — don’t rush to judgement. Don’t base your opinions off whatever your pundits tell you or the short clips you saw on TV.

If you love America, then talk to us. Talk to me. The people on the ground and try to heal our divide by trying to understand why we marched if you really feel that we were wrong to express our right to free speech. Read More …

Donald Trump has over four million fake Twitter followers

During an interview last Tuesday, August 2nd with the Washington Post’s Philip Rucker, @realDonaldTrump—  the Republican nominee for President who keeps saying that he’s “honest” and a “leader” repeated that the media was “biased” against him. Trump said that he won’t even “do interviews with CNN anymore because it’s not worth it. Read More …