Book Review: Colombo rat Larry Mazza’s “The Life” (THE LIES)

Recently, a fellow author and someone who claims to have once been in ‘The Life’– someone who did some time, and claims to be a stand up guy vouched to me for his “friend” Larry Mazza, so, I asked him: If you weren’t a cooperator, then why are you associating with an informant?

This individual proceeded to make excuses for Mazza’s cooperation, saying that he wasn’t “a rat” because he only testified against guys that were going to testify against him first… you know, the usual informant hogwash. He said that Mazza “didn’t have a choice!”

Which, frankly, no real stand up guy would ever say especially since it makes no sense as this is America and we ALWAYS have a choice.

But, out of curiosity, I picked up “The Life” to fact check what this guy was saying, to see if it lined up with exactly what Mazza said about why he turned, when, instead? What I found in a few minutes of skimming were widespread inaccuracies and what seemed to be outright lies, like: Read More …

The Real Chapter

The Chapter. That’s the title of my long-burning passion project. A television show– — a Latino frat comedy– — about The Chapter Among Chapters in The Latino Fraternity Among Latino Fraternities.

The way I see it? It’s kind of like Animal House meets Entourage…

Just with some rice, beans, and a haunted Latino frat house to go along with it.

But, once the show is on the air what I really want to do is write a book and produce a documentary about The Real Chapter in the late 1990s and early 2000s that inspired it.

Because: It was a beautiful time. The Brothers were everywhere. Read More …