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I discuss French President Macron aka “The Handshake Gangster” making Trump look stupid, Jared Kushner being a “Russian” Jew, Trump’s big mouth getting himself indicted and buying his book The Art of The Deal in college because the biggest pot dealer on campus had it, plus a new way to exchange political views with people of different political views.
Communication is the key to SUCCESS. #Resist.

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A Conversation with Richard Stratton: Living Legend, Renaissance Man, and former major marijuana/hashish trafficker turned federal prison inmate/jailhouse lawyer turned award-winning author, producer, publisher, screenwriter and director (of the new A&E docu-series, Gotti: Godfather and Son).

We touch on his meeting Gotti in prison in the 80s, chilling with Hunter S. Thompson in the 70s, Stratton’s glory days smuggling weed and hash with the Hippie Mafia. Founding the magazines High Times and Prison Life. His thoughts on Donald Trump, rats and snitches, the Witsec program, and the federal prison experience in general, including when he had a great time playing tennis there while dropping acid. Seriously. 🙂

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