Book Review: Colombo rat Larry Mazza’s “The Life” (THE LIES)

Recently, a fellow author and someone who claims to have once been in ‘The Life’– someone who did some time, and claims to be a stand up guy vouched to me for his “friend” Larry Mazza, so, I asked him: If you weren’t a cooperator, then why are you associating with an informant?

This individual proceeded to make excuses for Mazza’s cooperation, saying that he wasn’t “a rat” because he only testified against guys that were going to testify against him first… you know, the usual informant hogwash. He said that Mazza “didn’t have a choice!”

Which, frankly, no real stand up guy would ever say especially since it makes no sense as this is America and we ALWAYS have a choice.

But, out of curiosity, I picked up “The Life” to fact check what this guy was saying, to see if it lined up with exactly what Mazza said about why he turned, when, instead? What I found in a few minutes of skimming were widespread inaccuracies and what seemed to be outright lies, like:

1) Mazza’s book says that John Gotti, former boss of the Gambino family was housed at the supermax in Florence, Colorado when the truth is any real street guy would know that Gotti spent close to ten years in solitary at the USP in Marion, Illinois.

2) Mazza wrote the following sentence: (that the books) “911 Coverup and Deal With The Devil, which was written by the FBI supervisor who was alleged to have been in some sort of a partnership with Greg Sr.”

However: “Cover Up” and “Deal With The Devil” were written by five time Emmy Award-winning journalist Peter Lance who actually quoted Mazza in Deal With The Devil, his book about Colombo cooperator Greg Scarpa Sr. and his unholy alliance with the FBI, so, what? Did Mazza not like how he was portrayed in it and try to take a pot shot? Or, did he just not fact check and get that wrong? And, if he would take such a cheap pot shot, or, if he didn’t fact check and got something as simple as that incorrect, then, how important in the mob could he have ever been?

3) In the paragraph before the Deal With The Devil stuff Mazza wrote of the arrest of Whitey Bulger. How that while on the lam Bulger “gave up” to get “his girlfriend a cushy deal” because he “was probably out of money, and could not afford life on the lam anymore.”

However: when Bulger was arrested the authorities found over $800,000 in his apartment alone and his girlfriend wound up with almost ten years in prison.

4) Regarding the Colombo family, which Mazza presents himself as an expert on, Mazza wrote that alleged Colombo members Tommy Gioeli, Sonny Franzese, Chicky DeMartino and the son of Teddy Persico are all doing life, but? They’re not.

This book is filled with hogwash, I could go on about it, and I’m sure if I read the whole thing I could write a new book on all the inaccuracies in it. I mean, in this tome Mazza chastises others for not having good character. He even writes that others he was incarcerated with were “lowlife gang members,” but, should we not consider Mazza the same if he knowingly wrote outright lies and inaccuracies throughout his book, particularly when he was insulting people?

From what little I read of “The Life,” Larry Mazza paints himself as a victim, and any real tough guy never would.

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