People keep saying that “We need to give Donald Trump a chance to succeed.”

That we “owe him a chance to be a good President.”

Well, before that, Donald Trump owes an apology to the Khan family. To the disabled reporter he made fun of. To John McCain for saying he’s not a war hero, to the people of Mexico for calling them rapists and many more including President Obama for trying to delegitimize his citizenship and Presidency.

And let us not forget the people who are exercising their right to free speech that he just referred to on Twitter as “professional protesters, incited by the media.”

Really? Now he wants to delegitimize lawful, peaceful protesters by saying they’re professionals and that the media is inciting them?

And just how exactly would the media incite professional protesters anyway?

Perhaps it would be easier to give Donald Trump a chance if he apologized and proved himself to be a decent human being who our children can look up to.

One that wasn’t a con man who distorts facts and even makes them up on a whim.

If he wasn’t someone who ran on his business record, but refused to show the people of this country his business record—his tax returns—even though he said he would multiple times—to prove that he’s actually a successful businessman who gives millions of dollars to charity like he claims and does not have conflicting or anti-American business interests abroad.

And, if when he believed Governor Romney won the popular vote in 2012, he had not immediately gone on Twitter to say:

We can’t let this happen. We should march on Washington and stop this travesty.”

Maybe then we would honor his election and give him a chance to succeed.

Especially since, you know, Secretary Clinton won the popular vote.

Since more people voted for her.

Since more people of this country said they want her to be President.

Just like he wanted the person who got the most votes in the last election to succeed, perhaps Donald Trump should do the honorable thing, step aside and give Hillary Clinton, who got the most votes, the chance to succeed.

But then again, Donald Trump is not honorable, a trait being President requires to succeed.


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