Kasparoza Radio: Marcos Pinto on John Alite and George Anastasia

From JohnAliteFacts.com:

In this excerpt from a 7/16/2016 conversation Chris Kasparoza talks to Marcos Pinto, John Alite’s cellmate at Ary Franco who Alite and George Anastasia wrote total lies about in Gotti’s Rules, and who John Alite further slandered on social media when he realized this website was in touch with Marcos and he was coming forward to speak the truth.

You can read more about that, Marcos and what really happened to John Alite at Ary Franco in: The Brazil Files. Feel free to contact Marcos on Facebook.

In this excerpt from a 10/5/2016 interview Chris and Marcos discuss Alite’s upcoming book, “Prison Rules,” and touch on Alite’s prison time in Brazil:

Visit the original post at: JohnAliteFacts.com/Marcos.


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