Donald Trump has over four million fake Twitter followers

During an interview last Tuesday, August 2nd with the Washington Post’s Philip Rucker, @realDonaldTrump—  the Republican nominee for President who keeps saying that he’s “honest” and a “leader” repeated that the media was “biased” against him. Trump said that he won’t even do interviews with CNN anymore because it’s not worth it. It’s very biased against me.”

But when Rucker asked What’s your plan then if you don’t engage with the media that you think are biased against you? How do you get your message out and communicate to people?”

Trump said, “What I did today.”

“Just social media?” Rucker asked. “Rallies?”

“Social media,” Trump said, “where I’m head and shoulders above everybody else. I’ve read now 22 million people on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. More than 22 million people. Nobody else is even close.”

Probably because according to a recent survey of his account via, Mr. Trump has a 59% Twitter credit score with 6,223,450 real followers and a yuuuge 4,306,922 fakes:


Meanwhile, two months ago– @HillaryClinton scored 90% with 6,038,666 real and 633,893 fake:

Inline image 2

However, in a re-audit done just now it appears the Russians finally hacked her as she took a sharp drop to 63% with 5,070,235 real and 2,965,003 fake:


Still beating Trump though.

One reason why I did not ask his campaign chairman, Putin-loving Paul Manafort for comment.


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