The Church Fire: Frank Morano on John Gotti, John Alite, Curtis Sliwa, Kasparoza

Combined segments from three recent Frank Morano shows on 970 AM in New York discussing delusional pathological liar mob rat John Alite, Curtis Sliwa, some fire at a Serbian Church and interviews with ex-Gambino John A. Gotti and myself, Chris Kasparoza.

0:01 (5/8/16): Frank talks about the fire and idiotic suggestions that Alite was involved.

5:27 (5/15/16): Frank plays an interview with John A. Gotti, and a clip of Alite’s ludicrous interview with Curtis Sliwa regarding the fire.

23:02 (5/22/16): Frank interviews myself, Chris Kasparoza, who Alite referenced on the Sliwa show, and we talk about my website exposing HUNDREDS of lies told by John Alite (with his #FakeNews author George Anastasia).


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