Appearance: Right on Red Radio (1/10/2015)

I was invited on a podcast by Courtney Skelton who read my novel, For Blood And Loyalty, and loved it. I don’t know if you’ll love this interview though as I babble on like an idiot but let me know either way in the comments. Thank You!!


It’s 1999, Bobby Drakis is 26, and after 6 very long years inside state prison he’s out on appeal and finally back home in Bayside, Queens, New York City– where his best friend Victor Saravano has become a wealthy and dangerous drug dealing loan shark and enforcer for the mob. Hoping to avoid another 25-year sentence though, Bobby declines his offer for “a job” instead of getting paid like the rest of their childhood friends in Victor’s crew are doing. But when an old flame brings him to his knees, and a chance encounter draws him into the life, shit hits the fan with force as true characters are revealed and dark secrets are brought to the surface as the people in their world fully realize that while blood might make you related… It’s Loyalty that makes you Family.

A Novel about Love, Honor, and Fatherless Sons

By Chris Kasparoza


Courtney Skelton’s Amazon Review (8/30/2014):



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