The Third Term

I don’t have faith in government, but I have faith in Obama. I don’t trust politicians, but I trust that Obama will do the right thing. Because even though he won’t be able to tell us everything, I know in my gut that he’ll do his best to make sure we take as many steps as possible in the right direction.

He might not be able to tell us the truth about JFK, Area 51 or 9-11, but I know that if he can, he will. I know he’ll make mistakes, but I know that at least he’ll be honest when he looks in the mirror in the morning.

So to those that say he doesn’t have enough experience… If he didn’t have enough experience, he would have never beat the Clintons. And if he wasn’t a genius, he wouldn’t be in the position he is today.

And if John McCain wasn’t losing his marbles, a moron, or both– Well, let’s just say that No one in their right mind would have picked Sarah Palin and insulted every intelligent person on the planet.

Barack Obama came from nothing with all the odds stacked against him and serves as a role model to everyone who wants to do something positive in the world. Not just anyone can be the president of The Harvard Law Review, not to mention the first one with dark skin, and not just anyone can be president of The United States.

But Barack Obama can.

He’s the right man for the job, and especially the time, and I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s given the opportunity to run for a third term 8 years from now. But I have an inner fear that if John McCain somehow wins the election we might not even be having elections in 8 years.

Yes, Obama might get shot. But what’s more likely, is that McCain will have an age appropriate death– a heart attack, cancer, even a disabling case of Alzheimer’s. And then what? This Barbie Doll of a candidate he’s got next to him? It gives me chills down my spine.

But thinking of Obama as a beacon of light in the world– Well, it makes everything feel just fine.

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