Bricklayer in the Winter

Danny joined the army, Charlie’s in the navy
I get letters thinking bout how Tommy got hit by grenades, B
Fragmented lives torn limb from limb
All in the name of holiness orders given by cardinal sin,
If we’re losin’ the country is this how you plan to win?
Blowin up families and call their avengers hell bent on dim,
Dark passages with no light at the tunnel’s end
Here I go, 40 virgins or back to hell and back again
One man’s patriot is another man’s devil
Hypocrites, they don’t want you to see past the metal,
‘Cause that’s the reflection of light
Change your mind about this whole god damned fight
Families bleeding, and Mothers crying all through the night
But this is America, so don’t we have to do what’s right?
The police of the world, don’t let em come close to our shores
‘Cause the terrorists already run the country and they privately say
“There ain’t no room for more”
So take all the dumb niggas, put em in booths or in the Corps
Can’t have a nigger in the white house
‘Cause that’ll put earners in the out house
Gotta keep slow people down,
But nah, gotta bring the slow people Up
And take all the mother-fucks and show them what’s up
Supermax, Marion, they don’t deserve communication
Show George Bush what it’s like to work at the Gas Station
Bricklay in the winter, laugh when he bitches about a splinter
‘Cause This is our world, for the worse or for the better

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