A Recession for Gotti, but not The Feds

One thing I’ve been thinking about– John Gotti Jr. getting indicted for 3 murders in the 80s and 90s in Manhattan and Queens, yet he’s getting tried for them in Tampa? So in this time of terrorism and recession, the gov’t has the ends and means to take his Italian ass all the way down to Florida, yet we’re in the biggest deficit ever since the Great Depression or something. What does that say about our government? Namely, the FBI? What is it, some schmuck D.A. who wants to get his name in the headlines? Did your ego get shitted on? This guy beat you, at trial, THREE times– after he already did 6 years in the joint. Let this guy go, and accept your losses–if the country is so broke right now, spend your time and assets going after Muhammed bin Shariff or whatever and splash some cold water on your face. It’s too bad the prosecutors probably got picked on too much in kindergarden or something, but Get over it already and stop being so full of yourselves. You’re not that important, and neither is he. And I’ve heard former Feds say in interviews that his father, the late John Gotti, is the one whose arrogance and recklessness finally destroyed the mob– put the final nails in the coffin. Well, if that’s true, there’s no reason for a vendetta anymore. The whole family’s in jail, except for ONE guy. Boo hoo. The one that got away. There are good people and bad people in life, but whoever is behind this case should just be disgusted with themselves. I hope Gotti beats it for no other reason than just to rub it in the FBI’s faces.

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