MOVIE REVIEW: The Wackness

When I heard there was a film coming out about the ’90s in NYC, I knew I had to see it. And just like I thought, it was a trip down memory lane.

The story centers on Luke, a loner and recent high school grad who falls in love, smokes pot with his psychiatrist, and comes of age over the summer of 1994 in Manhattan while the city is adjusting to Mayor Giuliani doing his best to remove all the fun out of everyday life.

And while Ben Kingsley is good as the weird old guy who just happens to be a shrink that ‘s crazier than all of his patients, Mary-Kate Olsen is great in her brief appearance(s) as a ‘modern day’ hippy in the city. However, Method Man fails in believability as a Jamaican weed dealer. Regardless though, his portrayal brought back memories of all the Rastas getting money driving around in Beamers and Benzs. Remember those guys? And the squeegee men? Oh man. The soundtrack was on point with the tone of the picture (a little melodrama), and it features The Notorious B.I.G.– he blows up at the same time that Luke grows up. Method Man is all over it also, along with Mary J. Blige, Nas and A Tribe Called Quest, etc.

Even though the movie could have been a little better, it was definitely a diamond in the rough. Plus, it did have plenty of hilarious moments, some of which even made my eyes tear, so there’s no reason to complain. So, I recommend it to anyone who was around in the ’90s and remembers the way things WERE and realizes what they’ve BECOME… or, anyone who wants some insight into NYC culture and all that. Seeing this was like opening up a time capsule.

And who else should see this film? –Anyone that ever sold weed, had a beeper, or ever paged their connect. Anyone who knows what it’s like to use a payphone, was around in the graffiti days and went to Bookings, or still tags up in the present. Anybody that likes dog people, or sees a shrink and thinks they’re full of it. Anybody that ever got infatuated, read a self-help book, threw water balloons at people our their windows, or just anybody who misses being a kid and looks back on the old days– negatively OR fondly.

And especially, anyone who ever made a mix-TAPE.

This film captured the essence of the mid-90s in NY- how it looked, and how it felt. I liked it.


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4 thoughts on “MOVIE REVIEW: The Wackness”

  1. It depends in what way you’re talking about. I honestly feel bad for the kids coming up in the world, especially in NYC. They’re missing out on so much fun that was had before the internet and before cell- phones (we got along just fine without them). I mean, even people my age and older are missing out on the fun. Yeah, video games and youtube are enjoyable– but the antics of crack-addled squeegee men were much more fun to watch than Super MArio and Hellboy.

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